Poker pro Jeff Gross Talks All Things Twitch

Poker pro Jeff Gross has been talking about the video-streaming platform Twitch and how it's changed his poker playing life. His Twitch channel is now up to more than 13,000 followers and has over 270,000 unique views on it, and it can be only assumed that those tuning into his live streaming shows are there purely for the poker more than anything. They come to improve their games and get friendly advice from one of the world's top poker players.

But it's a two way street. Gross has been talking about what he gets from his Twitch channel in return. Outside of the obvious publicity, he says that live streaming helps his own game as well. He said, “Twitch is great because the videos are documented and I can go back, review hands and situations on my own or with friends to look to tweak my own game. I feel that since I have started streaming in December 2015, I have made some big adjustments that have translated into better results and earnings both live and online".

Also he confirmed that it helps him socially, knowing that there are people out there following his online games and rooting for him. He said that online poker can be lonely and that he sees his Twitch channel as some kind of support.

Overall, from Gross, streaming his poker is a win win experience for everyone. The fans get to see a master at work and he gets to interact with others.

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