Insiders Lament The Future Of Portland Poker

The poker scene in Portland, Oregon has been on it's knees in recent months following the much publicized directive from the city council that has banned "designated" (or professional) dealers from working in its poker rooms, effectively saying that people might as well just stay at home to play poker instead. According to Portland authorities, the players themselves should take turns in dealing, which means that they no longer get that true poker room experience.

It's a situation that, according to Chris Vetter from the action group Save Oregon Poker, is going to kill the poker industry in the state. Once Portland was a fantastic place to play poker and had a great scene, but the dealer situation has put it on life support. Letter's theory is that it's more to do with pressure from Indian gaming interests in the state rather than the city council having a problem with poker dealers, and he laments the fact that state lawmakers just don't care enough about the issue to do anything.

Vetter is pessimistic about poker in Portland and is now urging poker fans in the city to take advantage of the remaining clubs while they can, because "They may not be around much longer unless we find an economically viable way to remunerate dealers.”

All in all things are looking very bad for the state of the game we love in one of the Pacific Northwest's largest cities.

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