ESPN Main Event Coverage Highlights Player's Intimidation Tactics

In preparation for the upcoming WSOP Main Event Final Table that gets underway at the end of this month, ESPN are dedicating a couple of hours each Sunday to poker, showing highlights of the summer's tournament at the Rio in order to whet our appetites for the juicy stuff to come.

Sunday's shows, however, were as juicy as they come, as ESPN showed some old school intimidation techniques in play during the WSOP Main Event in July when British pro William Kassouf used chatter to get inside the head of Florida native Stacy Matuson in a way that drew the attention of the moderators and got him removed from the table for a round.

Speaking to fellow players during a round and trying to manipulate them into folding is something that has been against WSOP rules since 2006 when Jamie Gold won the Main Event largely through psyching his opponents out with chatter about their hands. At the time many players complained about this and the WSOP clamped down on it, until this summer when Kassouf brought up the practice again.

Matuson complained to the dealer after repeated calls from Kassouf for her to fold, saying that he was breaking the rules, but after being told first by the dealer to stop and then having Tournament Director Jack Eiffel involved, he continued on. Eventually Matuson folded.

Kassouf himself eventually went out in 17th place with winnings of $338,288.

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