Could TEN be the east coast’s new go-to poker room?

Revel in the excitement coming out of Atlantic City because this could be a game-changer. The former Revel Casino now has a new name. It’s called TEN. As in the number 10, but spelled out for dramatic effect. All capitals. No idea if it’s supposed to stand for something but it’s definitely big and bold.

And you know what else could be big and bold? TEN’s new poker room. It’s not clear if TEN will open its doors with a poker room, but with a design and opulence that competes with Borgata, there’s a very good chance.

TEN isn’t scheduled to open its doors until sometime during the first three months of 2017, if that happens at all. Glenn Straub, the owner of TEN, recently promised a June 2016 opening, but clearly that didn’t happen.

We’ll be watching to see what happens with its poker room. Those who played poker in Atlantic City before will remember that Revel had a luxurious poker room designed to rival Borgata. An unsuccessful marketing effort failed to attract the right mix of players and the room eventually closed — even before Revel shut its doors completely.

But with a renewed interest in poker thanks to a decent online poker scene and a poker festival set to hit the boardwalk, the spotlight could be on TEN very soon.

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