British Student Attacks Man With Axe Over Poker Loss

A trial is underway in the town of Gloucester, England, where a student is accused of attacking somebody with an axe over a game of poker, according to local newspapers.

Kiano Haughton-Jones walked into a barbershop in Gloucester in March of this year where he saw Scott Hayward, with whom he was angry with, after having lost an amount of money at Hayward's house during a home poker game a few weeks prior, said prosecutors. Upon seeing Hayward, Haughton-Jones pulled out a small axe from his waistband and attacked, leaving serious injuries to his arm. After the attack, Haughton-Jones fled but was arrested in a nearby town a few days later and identified in a lineup by witnesses. He has been held in custody ever since, until his trial that took place yesterday.

Charged with two counts, both related to unlawful wounding and grievous bodily harm, Haughton-Jones initially pleaded not guilty to either charge but later accepted a deal where he would plead guilty to unlawful wounding if the more serious, grievous bodily harm count was taken off the table. After pleading guilty to the one charge, Haughton-Jones, a business student, was given 27 months in prison.

In his victim statement before the court, Scott Hayward talked of the pain that he was in after the attack and that how he is still undergoing surgery and physiotherapy to make his left hand usable and restore feeling to his fingers.

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