Blizzard Backs Away From Gaming Services

After recent changes in the settings to Blizzard's gaming services, the game maker announced that they will be backing away from the site entirely. The change is parter of a larger transition for the company to operating all their services under an umbrella of the same branding.

As was noted in a blog post on Blizzard's World of Warcraft website, Blizzard has already initiated the branding transition with other services such as Blizzard Streaming and Blizzard Voice. The post also explains that the creation of was done many years ago to help identify the novel service, back when the concept of built-in multiplayer support was still new.

Users can expect nothing more than a name change, as Blizzard assures the functionality of will carry over intact to the new internal platform. The company plans to transition away from slowly, saying it will take several months before the site is gone.

In the comments on the blog post one user, Búrned writes, “ will be renamed to then comes armageddon...” He was promptly proclaimed “the winner of many internets,” by another user, among a slew who reacted to his witty comment.

Another user asks: “With this re-branding can we finally get the offline mode we were promised so long ago?” Citing a weird social environment caused by a boss who constantly wants to play Worlds of Warcraft with him. No word in response to his request, or to question where he works that even his boss wants to play video games on the job.

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