Blizzard Announces The First Overwatch World Cup

Blizzard's newest shooter is about to become a major power in esports. The game maker has released their official announcement of the game's first ever international championship, the Overwatch World Cup. The competition is set to begin on October 29 and conclude on November 4 and 5 during BlizzCon in Anaheim, California.

After a series of regional battles around the world the 16 best Overwatch teams have been selected to represent their countries, with at least one team from each continent, in an epic battle that will kick off this year's BlizzCon. This nation-versus-nation design is no accident. Like traditional sports competitions such as the FIFA World Cup, it inspires a special kind of deep-rooted fandom where countries associate support for their teams with patriotism.

This type of fandom fits in well with the intense multitudes of players already obsessed with Overwatch. The World Cup competition could be enough to launch Overwatch into the ranks of the largest and most popular esports such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike.

Also not coincidentally, each of the countries with the highest esports viewership will be represented in the Overwatch World Cup. From a field of 50 nations the following 16 emerged from the qualifiers:

·      Australia/New Zealand
·      Brazil
·      Canada
·      Chile
·      China
·      Finland
·      France
·      Germany
·      Russia
·      Singapore
·      South Korea
·      Spain
·      Sweden
·      Taiwan
·      Thailand
·      U.S.A.

Virtual tickets to BlizzCon are on sale now for $40. They are limited to one per account and provide a “front row seat” to the convention. However, all BlizzCon esports competitions will be made viewable for free via live streaming.

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