Bitstarz Casino Refuses To Pay Out Bitcoin Earnings To Player

Online Bitcoin casino Bitstarz might have a serious problem on their hands concerning their reputation after one of their customers took to Reddit to accuse it of refusing to pay out five Bitcoin that he had won and that was sitting in his account. Previously the the same Reddit user had had problems withdrawing 0.9 Bitcoin from his account only to find that there was no blockchain record showing that it was there. The first incident was sorted out pretty quickly, but the second incident where Bitstarz refused to pay the winnings out set off a storm on Reddit and can cause damage to both Bitstarz and the Bitcoin gaming business if not addressed properly.

When the user tried to access his winnings, Bitstarz told him that he would need to provide credit card documentation in order to verify himself to it, even though he's been playing with the casino for a while and they have his proof of ID. It appears that this is not the first time either that Bitstarz has been difficult about paying people out, and Reddit users have been saying that it's a "bad actor" on the scene.

The bigger issue here is not Bitstarz itself. If that casino wants to rip it's customers off, eventually it will go under. The bigger issue is confidence in using Bitcoin for gaming in the future. Bitstarz seems to be making it harder for people to trust online casinos and that's bad for everyone.

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