ACR Pros - Jon Pardy

We first welcomed Jon Pardy to the Americas Cardroom team in late 2020.  Best known for winning Big Brother Canada Season 2, Pardy actually credits a fellow reality TV contestant for getting him into the game of poker and the world of streaming.

While Pardy might not be a poker veteran, he does have a good excuse.  The Newfoundland native, who now calls British Columbia home, aspired to play hockey for as long as he can remember. Although an unfortunate injury disrupted his dreams, we’re glad he’s pivoted to poker.

Even if Pardy is relatively new to the game compared to our other pros, he does have a lot to offer.  Pardy brings plenty of personality, passion, and knowledge to the tables every time he logs on.  Discover how the reality TV star’s strategies and skills play out at the poker tables.

It’s easy to see how Pardy has amassed thousands of followers who regularly tune into his livestreams at  We highly recommend watching him in action live as he showcases his talents several days per week.  It’s better than reality TV!

Curious what Jon is up to? Visit his aptly named Twitch channel PardyTimeStreams, follow @Jon_Pardy on Twitter or check out jon_pardy on Instagram. You can also find Pardy playing at Americas Cardroom using the screenname JPARDS.